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July 23, 2013

Albert King - Oh Pretty Woman

This week we have another lick by Albert King. This time, it’s a fill between vocal lines, from the tune, Oh Pretty Woman. It is a minor blues with a nice, funky beat, originally recorded for Stax in their Memphis studio....

Featured Videos
Here is Lucky Peterson, performing "Tin Pan Alley." He offers us some great, expressive vocals and his mastery of the guitar is on fine display. He makes that instrument moan and wail and cry and shout.
Gregor Hilden, a young German blues guitarist plays a beautiful instrumental tune, with help from his band, including Tommy Schneller, who plays an inspired solo on tenor sax. I was introduced to Hilden by one of my students only a couple of days ago. Always happy to find a new artist, and happy to see the blues lives in Europe.

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