• Rhythm accompaniment for the 21 studies included in Blues You Can Use – with the lead guitar part omitted.
  • The rhythm parts are performed at both slow speed and full tempo for each of the 21 studies.
  • The tracks include bass, drums, keys and rhythm guitar parts, written especially for and following the form of the studies in the book.
1. Tuning Notes
2. Texas Rock (key of E)
3. Texas Rock (slow)
4. Blues Rock Tune (key of A)
5. Blues Rock Tune (slow)
6. True Blue (key of A)
7. True Blue (slow)
8. Swinging the Blues (key of A)
9. Swinging the Blues (slow)
10. Double Stop Stomp (key of G)
11. Double Stop Stomp (slow)
12. Delta Mood (key of E)
13. Delta Mood (slow)
14. Bending the Blues (key of A)
15. Bending the Blues (slow)
16. Bends, Slides and Shifts (key of B)
17. Bends, Slides and Shifts (slow)
18. Getting Funky (key of Bb)
19. Getting Funky (slow)
20. Lazy Day Blues (key of Eb)
21. Lazy Day Blues (slow)
22. Ninth Chord Blues (key of A)
23. Ninth Chord Blues (slow)
24. Minor Blues (key of Dm)
25. Minor Blues (slow)
26. More Minor Blues (key of Am)
27. More Minor Blues (slow)
28. Major Blues (key of G)
29. Major Blues (slow)
30. Hard Edge Blues (key of C)
31. Hard Edge Blues (slow)
32. Preaching Gospel Blues (key of A)
33. Preaching Gospel Blues (slow)
34. Blue Sixths (key of A)
35. Blue Sixths (slow)
36. Hard Rocker (key of E)
37. Hard Rocker (slow)
38. Rockin’ and Rollin’ (key of A)
39. Rockin’ and Rollin’ (slow)
40. Delta Child (key of E)
41. Delta Child (slow)
42. All Forms Blues (key of G)
43. All Forms Blues (slow)
© John Ganapes 2006
all music written and performed by John Ganapes

Note: while these tracks are accompaniments for the studies included in “Blues You Can Use”,
they are not from the original recording

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