If you're a player who wants to begin to explore the jazzier side of the blues, and even move into playing the jazz standards, Jazzin' the Blues is the book for you.

A collaborative effort by John Ganapes and David Roos, this book starts with the basic blues but with a jazz feel. Bit by bit, chord by chord, they take you into the world of jazz improvisation and theory. You'll learn how to think chordally, use substitutions, develop jazz lines, extend and alter chords and much, much more.

Jazzin' the Blues is written for blues players who want to learn jazz. If you have worked through Blues You Can Use, or you are an experienced blues player, you are ready to start in on the swingin', boppin', jazzin' adventure this book takes you on.

You'll learn dominant, minor and major jazz blues styles. This book will show you how to play west-coast style, swing, be-bop and post-bop blues styles.

You'll learn the substitutions such as flat-five sub, back-cycling, relative minor and passing subs that the pros use. Jazzin' will also teach you all types of chord structures from the basic sevenths to extended ninths, eleventh and thirteenth chords. You'll see how altered chords are built and used in a blues setting.

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Jazz lines are explained and dissected enabling you to see how they are derived from chords and scales. You will explore the intricacies of thematic development, the use of approach tones, inverting lines and more.

Techniques such as octave-playing, chord-melody, using chord shapes in melodic lines and chordal punctuation are explained in a clear and step-by-step manner. All of the elements and techniques are illustrated in the 21 solos included in the book and on audio CD. The accompaniment parts are included in standard notation and tab, teaching you both the solo and rhythm guitar parts. In addition, there are backing tracks minus the lead part for all of the studies, so you can play over the accompaniment without the distraction of the recorded solo guitar part.

Take a look at the excerpts from the book and listen to the audio samples of the solos you'll learn. You'll see that Jazzin' the Blues, in the same style and tradition of Blues You Can Use, will get you playing jazz-blues right away, and help you to get started on jazz improvisation in general.

Jazzin' the Blues (Guitar)
Jazzin' the Blues
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By John Ganapes & David Roos