The last in the Hal Leonard Blues You Can Use series, Blues licks You Can Use will get you playing the licks used by your favorite players.

The licks included in this book are real licks played by real recording artists - each in his or her own way. These are the basic licks that the greats stole from their heroes and made their own. Blues licks You Can Use saves you the time and effort of transcribing the licks off of the recordings and enables you to put all of your energy into learning to play them.

You will learn the basic licks that players such as Albert King, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker, Kenney Burrell, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan Jimi Hendrix played. Like them, you can learn the licks and transform them into something that is your own voice.

The 75 licks found in the book are laid out in 5 distinct sections: basic blues, up-tempo shuffles, sizzling blues-rock, pure flash, and jazzy blues.

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All of the licks are explained. You learn what scales or chords they come from, where in a blues progression they can be used and over what types of chords and how to string them together to make an entire solo.

The licks are all included on the audio CD in both slowed-down full tempo versions. Also included on the CD are 5 backing tracks with a full band. You can play along using the licks you learned in the book.

Once you have learned the licks in this book, you will be surprised at how much easier it will be to learn even more licks off recordings. You ear will be trained to hear bluesy licks and you will just know where to find them on the guitar.

Blues Licks You Can Use - Book And CD
Blues Licks You Can Use
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By John Ganapes