The second book in the BYCU series, More Blues You Can Use picks up where Blues You Can Use leaves off.  Beginning at an advanced level, this sequel explores more fully and deeply the theory, styles and techniques used in modern blues.

With an emphasis on chordal playing in both rhythm and lead work, MBYCU will teach you where to find chords and chord tones over the entire fingerboard.  MBYCU continues to help you master the pentatonic and blues scales, teaching you how to easily play blues runs along the neck and in single positions.  Whether it be in a Chicago style or a rockin' blues, a jumping shuffle or a slow, jazzy blues, you will master it all.

Each of the 13 lessons is organized like those in BYCU, with a section on scales, arpeggios and single-note technique, a section on chords, progressions and rhythm guitar styles and, of course 13 lead guitar solos (most of them two choruses long) with the rhythm guitar parts written out for you.  The lessons are full of information and music - enough to keep you busy for weeks. You'll learn how to swing it, funk it up or rock out with advanced techniques such as right-hand tremolo, rakes, double and triple stop playing, vibrato and more.

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Here's what people are saying about More Blues You Can Use:

(from the Forum on this site)

"...I'm currently halfway through the More BYCU. One of the things that makes these books better than others is how great the lesson tunes are - they are really likable tunes. Makes them easy to remember and exciting to play."

"John's books have ... really helped me get organized and focused on what's important to improve my playing."

"Your books have been a great help and inspiration...keep up the good work."

"...the more challenging songs [in MBYCU] have the slow version as well as the full tempo version ... the songs and material in MBYCU are fantastic."

(from Fender Forum members)

..."the lessons in book two are a huge step forward in musicality and finesse. I listened to the MBYCU cd over the weekend just to hear it as casual background listening. Very cool. Ganapes definitely kicks it up a notch in book two."

"...MBYCU... has some more interesting rhythm [guitar] parts."

More Blues You Can Use
More Blues You Can Use
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By John Ganapes