Brand New! The seventh book in the Blues You Can Use/Jazzin’the Blues series, by John Ganapes, Rhythm & Blues You Can Use is hot off the presses and ready for you to develop your R&B guitar chops. This book teaches you the guitar styles of Rhythm & Blues, from its inception back in 1950’s New Orleans, to the 1960’s Memphis and Motown sounds, to ‘70’s funk and everything in between.

Rhythm & Blues You Can Use teaches you the fundamentals of R&B chordal styles, and lead lines too. You learn the simple, 3-note major and minor triads, including all of the inversions up and down the fingerboard and the theory explaining them. By the time you are finished with the book, you’ll know the fingerboard better than you thought was possible. You see how to put chords and scales together to make chord/scales, giving you much richer tonalities and color in your lead playing. You also learn the passing chords and other chord substitutions, as well as added chord tones to embellish the progressions. Rhythm & Blues You Can Use covers 6th chords, add9 chords, and how to use them with both major and minor triads, and with all of the inversions. R&BYCU shows you how to use the intervals of sixths, fourths and thirds with any chord, to create moving rhythm parts in the R&B style. All of the strumming patterns are described and explained.

You also get a solid and extensive grounding in R&B lead guitar styles, using the major and minor pentatonic scales as well as the diatonic (7-note) do-re-me scales. You learn how to use chord shapes and chord-tones in your melodies, and the techniques used by the old masters. You use octaves and approach tones. You get practice at using chords with lead riffs, and how to use lead guitar parts as accompaniment.

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Rhythm & Blues You Can Use gives you all the theory you need to play everything from the do-wop and dance beat rhythms to the beautiful, shimmering, embellishing tones that Jimi Hendrix used in his more gentle tunes.

All of the methods, theory and techniques are demonstrated in the 18 studies, which are found on the accompanying audio CD. The studies have both the rhythm guitar and lead guitar parts explained and described in the each lesson (chapter) and given in notation and tablature. Each tune is presented twice on the CD: once at full tempo and once at a slower speed, the better for you to learn it. The tunes have a full backing rhythm section of bass and drums. You learn both the rhythm and lead guitar parts.

If you love soul music, do-wop, New Orleans R&B, Atlantic soul, Motown, the Memphis sound and the R&B styles of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and wish you could play that, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Rhythm & Blues You Can Use.

Rhythm & Blues You Can Use
Rhythm & Blues You Can Use
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By John Ganapes