Lick of the Week - January 13, 2016

Lonnie Johnson — Swingin’ the Blues

This week’s lick is from Lonnie Johnson’s recording of the instrumental tune, "Swingin’ the Blues." If you have worked through Blues You Can Use, you know that I have a study in there with the same title. Not the same tune.

The lick begins in pattern 1 of the G minor pentatonic scale, over 2 bars of a C7 (IV) chord. It then moves to a G7 (I) arpeggio, which actually begins on beat 4 of the 2nd measure. Half way through bar 3 he plays a partial E7 (VI) arpeggio before moving to an A9 (II) chord. This particular chord voicing is essentially a barred A7 with the 9th on the top string. All of that is moving to the turnaround, which begins on the G7 chord.


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Swingin' the Blues
Swingin' the Blues slow