Lick of the Week - February 3, 2016

Matt “Guitar” Murphy — Matt’s Guitar Boogie

This week’s lick if from Matt “Guitar” Murphy in his self-named instrumental tune, Matt’s Guitar Boogie. The lick starts over the change to the IV (C7) chord in measure 5 of the 12-bar blues form. The triplet figure is made up of the b7th, 5th and 3rd of the C7 chord. It continues against the I (G7) chord in measure 7, even though the notes are not part of that chord. The repeated triplet figure in the following bar is part of the G7 chord (3rd and 5th, respectively). The lick ends with riffs in pattern 4 of the G minor pentatonic scale. It’s pretty simple. Pick every note on the opening triplet figures.


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Matt's Guitar Boogie
Matt's Guitar Boogie (slow)